A Few Recent Moments

There are so many recent moments that I could share. Here are just a few:

Well, this year Dave worked again on Halloween which always makes me appreciate the times when he is around to help me out with the little ones. We were invited to the Thorn's house for the evening and so I decided to dress the boys up for the event. Austin was a chili pepper and Noah was a Lion. The chili pepper turned out to be a bit small as it ripped the moment I first put Austin in it. It said that it was for 0-9 months, so I figured a 3 month old would be safe, but I guess my 3 month old is just that big...I am not too sure. That is why you will see that Austin cried in one of the photos. And as for Noah, we were so excited to put him in his lion outfit as he has all of the sudden taken to bursting out in a roar. Of course being a 2 year old, he didn't really like it when it first was put on, was only happy when I offered to draw on his face, and never roared once the entire time that he wore the outfit. I just had to laugh...sometimes I wonder why we as parents do this to our children when they are so young...I think that it is mainly for the parents...they certainly don't seem to be very happy at the whole dress up idea at this age. Oh well...makes for fun pictures.

"Where Go God?"
Yesterday I had my first encounter of my son asking me about God. It all began when I was talking with him about lying. His greatest temptation to lie is when I ask him if he has a big potty in his diaper and he almost always says "no" no matter what. And then I ask him if he is telling the truth or lying and explain to him that lying is a sin. He then decided to ask if daddy and myself lie and if we sin which was very humbling in and of itself to have to answer him the truth that yes we do sin against God as well. He then got curious as to where God was and asked "Where go God?" As I began to think about it, it would be a natural question to him. He is always hearing about God, but where is He? It was such a little conversation, but a great reminder to me of the great responsibility that we have as parents to lead our children to a true knowledge of who God is. They have questions and they are watching.

Baby Reese
My cousin's sweet baby Reese arrived in heaven on her 1st birthday. As a mom, I can only imagine the struggle that my cousin Ashley & husband Todd have had this past year watching their baby struggle physically the entire year of her life, never to be brought home from the hospital. I find myself looking at my 3 month old imagining what it would be like to watch him struggle and it always brings tears to my eyes. I know that only the Lord can be the one behind their amazing reaction to this hard phase of their life. For those that did not attend the service, it was amazing and a great reminder to me that this life on earth is not where we belong. Those who believe in Christ will all be perfect just like Reese is right now. It is so easy to be content with where we are at, but heaven is so much better. And as it was pointed out in the service, being a baby, Reese was fortunate to never even deal with sin like we do...can you imagine never uttering a lie, never feeling the shame that comes with being guilty of sinning against a holy God...as we all have had plenty of chances to do. She was spared from such things which truly is far better. I can only imagine the sadness of having my child pass on before me, but there is comfort in knowing God and His promise of an infinitely better life with Him.