A Light & Heavy Note

I will start with my "light note" as it just doesn't seem appropriate to talk about light things after talking about a "heavy note", but life is so interesting at how even though heavy things happen, life does just keep going and my child just continues to learn things...both the good and the bad. I am either laughing or shaking my head at yet another "no no" to add to the list. This week's first learning adventure was in learning how to "shoo" flies. Noah does not like bugs and flies at this point thanks to his mommy. If daddy is not proud of this, he is going to need to spend a little more time with his son in the outdoors as at this point all he has heard from mommy is that bugs are yucky and he is constantly wanting me to move them out of his way when he is playing in the outdoors. He can't seem to understand that he can just walk around them and avoid them. Flies are a different story as you can't walk around them and avoid them and sometimes they even hit you in the head which is what happened to Noah while eating lunch recently. He didn't seem to like this very much so I decided that maybe it was time for him to learn how to "shoo" the fly away. He seems to love this new game. Sometimes the word "shoot" comes out instead of "shoo", but no matter...this is now a new thing that he really enjoys. The bad thing that he learned is that he can move a kitchen chair around the kitchen, climb on top, and reach any counter that he wishes in the kitchen including the stove top and many new drawers which is a very scary thing. He even tried to move the chair into the pantry recently which I have very purposefully organized to put all breakable and dangerously sharp objects up just high enough for him to not be able to reach. Oh the fun of parenting!

My "heavy"note is that my papa Don did pass away yesterday at 1:17pm. It is still a strange concept to me that he never saw this new day, June 4th, and all the days continuing. And the hardest part of all to me is not knowing where he stood with God. I am so grateful that he had many opportunities to hear about God and respond to Him even up until the end. He never verbally responded favorably to anyone who spoke with him about God, but the only hope I have is in not knowing what was going on in his heart. Unfortunately his words and actions didn't seem like his heart had turned toward God, but the heart is something that only God knows...he knows our hearts and we all have up until the very end of our lives to respond no matter how we have responded earlier in our lives. We will be leaving tonight to spend a week in Santa Rosa and there will be a small service on Tuesday for my grandpa.