Rolling Polka Dots

"Mommy, do you want to play a game with me?" Noah asked me today. "What game do you want to play" I asked..."Rolling Polka Dots" was his answer. You might be wondering what this could possibly mean. And I did too at first when Noah asked me to play this game with him. And then I was reminded of when we had rolled the dice and counted the dots for each roll. I guess he liked the game good enough to want to play it again and now it has a permanent name in our family...rolling polka dots.



Oh how I love summertime. Well, for us I would have to say that I enjoy Spring and Fall much better as those are our tolerable months. Summer is way too hot, but if you throw a little water in your time outside, then it is all good! I just wanted to show a few pictures of our summertime. Oh, and I added a few pictures of myself and Brooke at music practice at the request of Sandhya. I think that she needed some evidence to back up my claim that I am involved in such an up front ministry...although how do you really know with a picture? One could easily pretend for a picture! No, I truly do love music and have learned that it is not about me when I am up there. That is the only way that I can actually stand up there...that it is about leading the congregation in worship to the Lord...it is not about me. There are actually 5 of us on the music team, but most were gone that night, so it is just me and Brooke with Nick taking the picture. Sorry for the very rambly (if that is such a word) post. Enjoy the pictures!