Kissing Boogers

Yes, you read that correctly above. I still can't believe that it happened. I am still rubbing my lips. Oh the fun we have with a toddler. My bedtime routine with Noah started out normal. We always read a story, pray, and then I turn the lights out, try to kiss him, and he dodges out of the way. I can't wait until the dodge move changes, but that's besides the point. This time I was so excited because he did the predictable dodge move, I forcibly kissed him on the cheek anyway, and then he suddenly put his fingers out for what I thought was an indication to kiss his finger. I was so excited that he wanted me to kiss him that I of course went to kiss his finger right away. I remember immediately rubbing my lips because I couldn't figure out at first what that hard object could be on his finger. Remember it was dark, so I couldn't see what it was. So I asked Noah and was quite sickened when he told me that it was a booger. I now realize that he was simply putting his finger out for me to take care of his booger for him and it had nothing to do with him wanting me to kiss his finger. So sad and disgusting, but true. The life of a mother is not always glamorous, but it sure can be funny.


Another Light And Heavy Note

"No Honey, I'm Still Working"
So one would probably assume that this title is going to describe my husband's answer to me at some point in our recent lives, but it actually has nothing to do with my husband. This was the reply that I received from Noah tonight when I asked him to come into his room to change into his pajamas. "No Honey, I'm still workin' ". It was one of those rare occasions when I actually thought his "no" reply to me was quite funny and I couldn't resist laughing to myself in the next room especially with the way he said it. It wasn't said in a defiant sounding voice...just matter of fact. I still can't believe how much my little 2 year old grasps at his age. For him to say a complete sentence like this is amazing enough to me and then he comes up with such funny things.

Grandpa Jack
What a year it has been for my family. My grandpa Jack (my mom's father) passed away this past Thursday evening. My grandpa Jack has struggled with Alzheimer's for a long time and has recently struggled with other health issues as well. We knew that the time was nearing for him to pass away, but it is always so surreal when it does happen. He so struggled in the end that I am so happy for him as I know that he is in heaven with no pain or suffering. I love my grandpa Jack and will miss him as he was a great grandpa to me, but I think that seeing him change so much with the hard disease of Alzheimer's has made it easier for me to deal with as he was not the same person in the end. I am so glad for his sake that he is done struggling. My biggest concern is for my grandma Terr, his wife. If you ever want a good example of a loving wife, I believe that my grandma Terr is it. Anyone that saw her interaction with my grandpa could attest to her constant love and care toward him. She will miss him greatly. The date has not been set, but I will be going to the service in California in a week or so.


Life at the Neufelds

Again, life goes by so fast and before I know it, another month or 2 has passed since my last update. We are loving life as a family with more sleep and each day brings us closer to getting us out of the infant stage...yeah! I must admit both Dave and I are not fans of the newborn stage. Don't get me wrong, we are so grateful and blessed to be able to have children and that both at this point are healthy. We have so much to be grateful for, but the whole little sleep with not much of a response from your child stage besides crying for food or sleep is one that if we could so choose, we would skip over. We are so grateful to be even at the point that we are with Austin. He is 2 and 1/2 and is making lots of noises now as he tries to communicate, is so smiley, and is becoming a good napper and night sleeper. He truly is such a good baby. And Noah makes us laugh all of the time and continues to amaze us with his understanding of life. Above are some pictures to catch you up on our life. Below is a little commentary on each one to better explain:
1. Las Vegas Bible Church friends - So sad to be leaving LVBC. Through much thought and prayer, we have decided to stay in town on a regular basis for church. We will still be helping church planters as they begin their churches in Las Vegas, but it will be for shorter periods of time and more of a focus on the pastor and his wife versus the church. At our stage in life with infants, it was so hard to continue our commitment to commute such a ways to church.
2 & 3. My boys - I am so outnumbered here! Number 2 picture is reality of how the picture taking process went. Noah was crabby and didn't want to be in the picture. Number 3 picture is a tolerant Noah to the whole picture taking process.
4. Noah spraying bugs - It is his new thing. No longer is he shooing bugs. He has found a better way to deal with them by spraying them until they drown. What a boy!
5. Swaddling my boys - Noah sometimes asks us to do some of the same things with him as we do with Austin. We don't always humor him with this of course or else I would be feeding him a bottle every 3 hours and cradling him in my arms all of the time which would be quite tiring, but we do have fun with it sometimes and humor him on some occasions.