Fire In Mesquite

Below is a slide show of a fire I was at this week in Mesquite. Me and my partner were on a medical call in a complex beside the one with the fire. We cleared the call and were the first on scene. The truck came in second, set up an attack line, and got ready to go in. My partner and I were outside as a RIT team with the first guys inside. They ran out of air before getting to the fire. My partner and I were second in and were able to go directly to the room on fire and extinguish most of the fire before having to exit the building. It may be the best fire that I have been on since I started in the fire service.

Another Day At The Office


My Day Is Made

My day was made today when the words "Noah like baby Austin" came out of Noah's mouth without any prompting from me. I have really tried hard to still pay attention to Noah in addition to paying attention to our new little one. He has been such a helper like in the picture above where he is helping me make pizza dough. And I have also tried to make Austin a fun part of Noah's life. Austin claps for Noah as he does things and is already learning how to do things like crawling and running from his big brother who is such a great teacher. Okay, so Austin isn't really a super baby and doing such things at his early 5 week life, but Noah sure seems to like it when I make Austin a part of his life in this way. For all of you moms out there, I am not naive to the fact that my jewel of a son today who says he likes his big brother will one day not like him at times and will be great at fighting with his little brother. And things aren't exactly perfect even now with Noah and his dealing with having a big brother. He has started a couple of new approaches to getting attention. Why is it that many of the times that I am working with Austin to continue his nap time that Noah decides that it is a good time to play with his loud toys and bring them into Austin's room? He has tried to ride his motorized ATV into the room and his loud ringing ball most recently into the room during Austin's nap time. Yeah...the ATV has now graduated to the backyard. It belonged there anyway. Another new one is that Noah has decided that he should go potty during his diaper changes just like his baby brother. Really, I can't complain as Noah has reacted far better than I ever imagined to his new little brother. I am still so hopeful that they will be good buds as they grow up together...we shall see. For now, I am enjoying Noah's simple words of "like" toward his new brother. Above are some recent pictures of the boys along with their Nama & Papa and cousins.