"This One On My Back & This One On My Belly"

As I heard Noah's well versed instructions to me when I went in to get him from his nap today, I thought I would note it in our blog as a memory. It has become one of my favorite parts of my day when I hear these words from him. It all has to do with his blankies. He started out with 3 different blankies of which I would trade out as I would wash another. I was always so happy to have 3 so that in the tragic event that we lost one, I would have 2 "ready to go" replacements. I don't know how it happened, but somehow he became attached to 2 particular blankies and he now has to have them both each time he lays down for a sleep. I can only imagine what life will be like if we happen to lose one. The saying above has to do with how very particular he is in how he uses both of them. His green one must lay on his back and his cream one must lay on his belly. This is tradition for both when he lays down to sleep and when I come in to hold him for a moment after his sleepy times. I must hold him with his blankies just so on him. And it doesn't matter that this has been tradition for months now, he always feels the need to remind me how he wants his blankies. So, thank you AA if you are reading as the blankie you made him has become his "back" blankie. He loves it so.


Nama & Papa Visit

My, have I missed many blogging opportunities! Instead of overwhelming the 2 people that still have an interest in checking our blog (Hee Hee! Don't laugh too hard...you might just be one of the 2!), I thought I would just simply update you on our latest with Dave's parents visiting. We have been so fortunate to have had them visit 3 times within a year which is not too bad considering that they live in Canada. I wish ultimately that my children could know their grandparents like I did...living in the same town, but I am truly grateful for the many times that my children have been able to see both grandparents considering the distance. Noah and Austin had many fun times with their Nama & Papa this visit. Nama & Papa are probably worn out with how many times they heard these statements from Noah..."You should chase me" and "You should go to my room" to play with him. They became like best friends to Noah...and Noah was kind of the bossy "friend"...making them play by his terms. Lucky for him, it can go his way with the grandparents, but he is going to find very soon that it doesn't work so much in the real world with the kids his own age. Oh well, that is the fun of grandparents! We had a great visit. They will be very much missed.