Camp Pictures

Sigh of Relief

Ahhh…My laundry is still piled high, but somehow that doesn’t matter as I reflect on the past month’s events and delight in the fact that we get to be home for the most part, for the next little while. This past month included a visit from Jo Jo and AA (a short but sweet meeting in Vegas…oh how I wish we lived closer), co-leading the Teen camp cooking for 70ish people…still not sure of the final count, but hey, why be specific when the number gets that high!, a quick last-minute shared birthday party for the boys (I swore I would never do this to them, but I figured they are too young to care at this point and with gramie, grampie, Aunt Carisa, & Uncle In visiting…I just had to do it), and with that a visit from my sister and family…Dave, Noah and Austin got to meet the baby twin cousins (so sad it was only a day and another night of visiting), went to a homeschooling convention (thank you mom & dad for babysitting and loving on our children…I am so excited to teach our children…oh and of course the highlight was seeing Jodi Severance…hope I spelled that right! I don’t think the conference would have been the same if it had not been for running into her and Yetta too!), and lastly we just returned from Family Camp (lots of time in the sandbox with the little ones…loved doing our baby dedication up at camp...the highlight for me was seeing my brother and family…he was the speaker and God is definitely speaking to me through the 1 message that I was able to sit through…his trip to Uganda was amazing…if you see him, you will have to have him share some stories). Well, that is probably enough detail for you…the only pictures that I have are of camp, so enjoy!