Visiting Grandparents

I have been so fortunate to have had all of my grandparents still living and I always knew that the time would come when I would hear that 1 would be nearing the end of their life on this earth. With the news that my grandpa Don was given an estimate of a few weeks left to live and the news that my other grandpa Jack was not doing well either, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go visit one last time. Well, in all honesty, the idea of traveling with an almost 2 year old by myself with a big pregnant belly almost deterred me...which is so selfish. I had to remind myself that the possibility of a few hours of my child being a nuisance to an airplane full of people with me by myself looking like a horrible parent was well worth the end result of visiting my grandparents. I truly had to keep reminding myself of this. In all seriousness, after having finished the trip, I cannot believe that I would even debate such a thing, but unfortunately that struggle with selfishness can be there and can unfortunately win many times. I am so glad that I was able to see both grandpa's again...and I was able to spend some time with the grandma's and my parents as well which I loved. Below is a slide show of my visit.

Visiting Grandparents


Noah's Big ER Visit

Dont fall with something in your mouth. This happened 8 months ago, but a a good reminder of what can happen when walking with something in your mouth. Noah had a ambulance ride to the ER in town and another ambulance ride to a Pediatric Hosp. in Las Vegas. Dad got to hold that beater in position for 3 hrs before he was in the Operating Room to have it removed from his soft pallet. After a night stay in the Hospital he got to go home. On the way home he took the beater and put it right back in his mouth.


Day At The Park

So here is my first attempt at blogging. I never understood how hard it was for the elderly to catch on to new technology, but I am beginning to understand as the whole idea of blogging is a bit overwhelming to me (especially with my horrible communication skills :) But I do think that it is a great way for others to be able to catch more of a day to day picture of our lives as I really love to look at others' blogs to catch a glimpse of their lives as well. Today was Dave's last day on his work shift, so it was just me and Noah again. I decided that I really wanted to take Noah out to try a new splash park which just opened in a nearby town. With our hot weather, it is really the only type of park that you will want to visit in the summer. I was so sad as it is going to be closed for awhile as they had drainage issues. Oh well! We had a great day anyway with friends Janine & Brooke...and Noah didn't know any different...he got to play with his friend Parker who you can see pictured above. For Noah, a day with Parker is a good day. Oh how he loves to talk about his friend Parker!


Dave loves these rare moments of naptime with Noah

Here it goes

Well this is our first try at blogging. I (Dave) will get Kristy all up to date on this and she will add all the fun pictures. We want to use this as a place where Neufelds and Smothers and those related and those close to us can come and share. Let's see how it goes.