Meeting The Twins

Meeting The Twins

It was a quick trip, but so well worth the effort to meet my new twin nephew and niece, Maxwell & Piper. Thanks to my husband (the loving accomodating babysitter), I was able to fulfill my dream of going to visit my sister without my own little ones to be the help that I desired to be to her in this time. As you can imagine, those of you that have had even 1, the first time around is a bit of a shocker to the system and 2 really does add more complexity to the newborn issues. While it is more complex in many ways, I still like to say that 3 hours sleep in 1 hour increments (which is what I had in the beginning with my own babies) versus 2 hours sleep in 1/2 hour increments (which is what I experienced with the twins) all feels about the same...very very very sleepy. It was such a quick trip, but I had a great time meeting my new nephew & niece, seeing both grandmas, and Auntie Jennie. The twins are truly a blessing...requiring much sacrifice, but so well worth it.


Some Recent "Firsts"

There truly is so much that I miss when I do my usual "long time no update my blog" scenario that I have to come up with creative ways to put a lot into one entry. As I was looking over my recent pictures, I realized that #1...I have missed many great moments for pictures and blogging. I have nothing to show for the girl version of our recent NASCAR weekend. I could have actually entered a picture for it to go with my "first" theme as it was our first year to have some "fun girl time" during the weekend. I always love spending time with some of my close girlfriends here, but it was especially great to get to spend some time with my sister-in-law, June. I have always loved our "real" talks.

My 2nd realization was that there have been many 1sts that have just passed by so quickly. So, here is a quick look into a few of our firsts:
1. Noah's 1st fracture and cast - A fall from a master bed is quite far for a little toddler and after about 4 days of questioning whether Noah was seriously hurt or not, we decided to finally take him in. Actually, if I want to be technical about the picture, that is actually not a picture of his 1st cast as he managed to pull off his 1st cast, so we had to get his 2nd one put on right away...such drama!
2. Austin's 1st teeth - He popped these 2 out at 5 months old and hasn't added anymore at this point in his 8 month life.
3. 1st Moments of Sitting Up - I couldn't wait for this moment. I love having him sit up and play!
4. 1st Brother Bathtime - They both loved it. There is the whole toy sharing issue as rubber duckies are toys that both toddlers and infants enjoy, but that's okay...it is only the beginning!
5. 1st Tradition While Daddy Is Working - So, that is such a long title, but I wanted to come up with a tradition for us while Dave goes away for a couple of days each week to make that time special for us. I came up with the perfect solution...movie night with popcorn. Dave very strongly dislikes microwave popcorn even to the point of disliking the smell that it makes in the house...so I thought this was perfect in that Dave would not feel like he was missing out on anything and we could start a fun tradition together.
6. 1st Twin PhotoShoot - My sister and her husband's babies had their 1st photoshoot and the pictures are amazing. Their website, "twobabiesandapig" has more.

And my list of "1sts" is going to continue. My sister's babies were born on February 10th and are 1 month old already! I will be leaving to meet my twin niece and nephew for the 1st time and will have to update with some of my own pictures when I return. So, off to babyland I go!


NASCAR Weekend

Well it's over. Each year the family gathers in Mesquite so the men can head off to Vegas on Sunday and watch the race. This year was the best and worst yet. The worst part was that not everyone made it. Mark and Barb were not here because Mark was not feeling well, and Ian and Carrisa just had the twins and were not about to travel with them (I don't blame them). So it just was not the same missing some of the family. But the weekend went on and we had a good time. The weekend started on Thursday Night were some of us made it to the Chris Tomlin concert in Las Vegas. Great time of worship. Friday night everyone gathered for dinner and fellowship. Saturday morning and afternoon was for the girls. They left the kids with the dads and headed off to St George. It was nice for them to have some time to themselves. Derrick took his boys down to the Saturday Nationwide race. Then everyone gathered at our house for dinner. After dinner we had a campfire in the backyard, made smores, and sang some worship songs around the fire. Then camp 7am Sunday morning. The men headed off to the big race. We spent arrived at the ISB tent where we were hoping for a pit road tour and lunch. Instead they handed us tickets to the NEON Garage. This is a State of the Art Garage when it comes to NASCAR. You get to walk around and watch the crews get there cars ready for the race and if you're lucky see a driver and get an autograph. We were not so lucky. We headed back to the tent where we had lunch, Kyle Busch talked with us, and then Joe Gibbs sat down for a talk and signed autographs. This time we got one. The race was great, you know, cars driving around in a circle at 190mph for several hours. Who wouldn't love that??? We came home to dinner and a little swimming in the hot tube. And finally we went home for some sleep. It is always a crazy weekend and we are glad to sit and relax when it is over, but I am already looking forward to next year.