Carisa Baby Shower

The Babies Are Coming

No worries...I am not talking about our family! It is hard to believe, but my sister, Carisa, and her husband, Ian, will be parents to a twin girl and boy as of tomorrow. It was so surreal for me with bringing home my 1st, Noah, and I can only imagine how strange it would be to suddenly be parents of 2. They are extremely excited as any 1st parent would be, but I think there is a certain excitement that I cannot even relate to as they have had such a journey to get to this point. They are currently in Charleston, North Carolina right now waiting for tomorrow to happen where their surrogate will deliver their babies. As their website explains, these babies are completely made up of them. They just needed a safe home for their babies to grow which is where Kathy comes in, the babies' surrogate. I am so excited for Maxwell & Piper to come! Above is a slide show of the baby shower that we threw for the babies back in December. My pictures are hardly worthy of the ones that I have seen by others, but I still wanted to show what I captured. So, the saga will continue tomorrow. Until then!