Meeting The Twins

It was a quick trip, but so well worth the effort to meet my new twin nephew and niece, Maxwell & Piper. Thanks to my husband (the loving accomodating babysitter), I was able to fulfill my dream of going to visit my sister without my own little ones to be the help that I desired to be to her in this time. As you can imagine, those of you that have had even 1, the first time around is a bit of a shocker to the system and 2 really does add more complexity to the newborn issues. While it is more complex in many ways, I still like to say that 3 hours sleep in 1 hour increments (which is what I had in the beginning with my own babies) versus 2 hours sleep in 1/2 hour increments (which is what I experienced with the twins) all feels about the same...very very very sleepy. It was such a quick trip, but I had a great time meeting my new nephew & niece, seeing both grandmas, and Auntie Jennie. The twins are truly a blessing...requiring much sacrifice, but so well worth it.

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