It came and went so quickly for me. I would have to say that this year Easter was a mixture of relaxation & joy amidst a little chaos for me. How can the 2 possibly be go together? Well, they can and did for me this year.

It all began on Easter morning as I awoke at 5:30am to begin my day where I had to get myself and kids ready and at church by 8:00am for music practice. Thankfully Dave would be getting off work that morning, so help was on the way very soon! I was a little late as I didn't detect a potty issue until packing the kids in the car. This is all very normal really. Church was such a blessing. From the weird napping schedule that Austin seemed to get himself into that day which fell right during music practice and the main church service, to the special music that Brooke sang and played (A little chaos was thrown when my page turning skills didn't do so well on one of the pages...sorry Brooke who is so gracious...but the song that she sang was great..."Why" by Nicole Nordeman...If you haven't heard it...find it...you will cry), to the crowded seats in church filled with many that we don't normally see, to the message which as a believer in Christ I never want to tire of...the amazing reality that Christ had power over death. Such a shame when I actually get used to this idea and treat it lightly. He proved Himself to be God while at the same time saving me from myself and my sin...amazing. To the fun fellowship that we had planned for after church with a few family friends at our house. It truly was a wonderful day.

The chaos really only comes into play because of my perfectionist...schedule loving self that gets a little frazzled and sick stomached when things don't go exactly as I have planned. I was already a little frazzled at how much I had to do to get things ready for company that would be arriving at 4pm, but my husband who is very opposite of me in being a spontaneous sort of personality decided to change our party from 8 adults 8 kids to 18 adults and 10 kids at church that day. He did ask my permission by the way, so it is completely of my own doing. The amazing ending to this all is that though it was chaotic in getting everything ready for so many more guests, I actually ended up being able to relax and enjoy my time with guests once they arrived. All of the preparation just happened to get done at the perfect timing. What was chaos ended up actually being a wonderful change to our day. It's all in our attitude isn't it? I just wish I would remember this at all times. It seems to be one of my constant battles. It was a wonderful Easter.


Kelli I. said...

This is a post that I could've written on my own blog. The way you described yourself is exactly how I feel so often. What's funny is that Jon is like Dave - layed back and fine with whatever happens. Isn't it so good that God often puts "opposites" together to balance one another out. I'm glad you had a terrific Easter w/ friends and family.

Anonymous said...

oh my 18 adults - KK you definitely had your hands full! I'm glad you had a nice Easter - I love the Jesus Romances and how God provided all the time you really needed to get things done! I am in desperate need of a KK visit - Jo and I need to plan to come out there this summer for sure! I miss you tons :(. Hugs, AA. xoxo