Life With Our Boys

Since I actually had a wonderful nights' sleep (6 hours total when you add all of the little doses of sleep together! Yeah!), I thought that I would write a little update.

Life With Austin

It is definitely a huge adjustment bringing a newborn home from the hospital. You are immediately thrown into the sacrificial role of a parent as you learn to function on little sleep. I think that this time around my attitude and reaction to this sacrifice is so much better. I now realize that this period of time actually does go by very quickly and is well worth the sleepless nights. I was hopeful that Austin would not take after his big brother in the area of taking a long time for each feeding, but it seems that he might be a spitting image (oh my exuse my pun which you will see in a moment). When each feeding is met with the challenges of major spit up, major sleepiness (which I still cannot figure out how to combat...I have tried everything that I know of), a hatred for burping and the changing of the diaper which results in lots of crying, a need to go potty in the middle of a diaper change, and I think that is it. It makes for a very interesting time in the middle of the night! But that's ok...again, it is all worth it.

Life With Noah

One area that has been such a pleasant surprise is Noah's reaction to his little brother. I was a little afraid that he would not take to him so well in the beginning as anytime he would see me holding a baby in the past, it would result in jealousy. Thankfully, he has taken to Austin so well. He loves to hold his little brother (only on his terms though...when he is done, you better be ready to take Austin away right away), he loves to be my little helper in a lot of ways including burping his little brother. Don't worry, he is very gentle. Noah continues to be such fun at his age and loves to help his daddy outside as he does yard work. I attached a few pictures to show you what a big helper he is. He loves to put on his "globes" and work with his "shobel" beside daddy "fixin" everything that he sees.

I should probably stop right here as I have already written way too much! Enjoy the pictures!


Kelli I. said...

Such cute little boys. Congratulations on the birth of your newest little blessing. And yes, you are right that the sleepless and crazy times do go by quickly so enjoy this time. I know that you must be an amazing mommy.

Take Care.

Sandhya said...

Oh, how I wish I could see you with your two little guys, Kristy! They are just the cutest things! It is a little bit of a handful at first but it really does start to slip right into place. Having two boys together really is such a blessing...you will see as you watch them become the best of friends. Enjoy!

Sandhya said...

BTW...since your poll says that you are headed to Disneyland, you HAVE to let me know when that trip eventually happens. I can't wait for the chance to meet your two sweet boys!